Hitachi CP-X505 Professional Fixed LCD Projector

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi CP-X505 Professional Fixed LCD Projector

Featuring advanced networking capabilities and a weight of only 15.6 pounds, the CP-X505 is ideal for education environments and large venues.

The CP-X505 offers a brightness of 3,500 ANSI lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Additionally, it displays images via a 1.2x zoom lens that can enable projection on screens up to 300 inches and are outfitted with a bayonet lens that can support up to four optional lenses for specific application needs based on the size and environment of a room. The CP-X505 also features horizontal and vertical lens shift.

The CP-X505 can also be remotely controlled and maintained through a LAN network connection, providing the ability to network, control and maintain the projectors remotely. The network functionality also makes it easy to control multiple projectors in different rooms and to monitor for functions such as remaining lamp life. The CP-X505 also boasts four 4W built-in speakers, providing sufficient sound without the need for an external audio devices.

Highlighted Specifications

Model Name: CP-X505 series
Brightness: 3,500 ANSI lumens
Weight: 15.6 lbs.
Resolution - Video: 540 TV lines
Resolution - RGB: 1024 Dots X 768 Lines
Networkable/Wireless: RJ-45 Port / 100 BASE-T
Dimensions: 16.5" x 5.5" x 12.6" (W x H x D)
Contrast ratio: 1,000:1 (using Active Iris)