Hitachi PJTX100 Leisure Home Theater LCD Projector

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi PJTX100 Leisure Home Theater LCD Projector

Hitachi’s new PJTX100 High Definition Front Projector provides a large screen size solution with flexible installation options and unparalleled image quality. The 3 Panel 720P LCD light engine and exclusive Super Focus Quattro ELD can create an image from 30 to 300 inches, with incredible clarity and brightness.

The Super Focus Quattro ELD lens system includes lens shift capability as well as 1.6x zoom functionality. The lens shift feature in the PJTX100 allows the unit to be placed off axis from the center of the screen without having to use digital correction. The lens system itself shifts the image both vertically and horizontally, maintaining detail and sharpness.

A host of picture adjustment features allow the PJTX100 to be properly calibrated for any home theater environment or incoming source signal. Black levels are extremely important to the picture quality in a Front Projector, 10-step Motorized Iris control, 3 Optical Black Level settings and an exclusive 8-step Gamma adjustment feature ensure optimal picture quality for any home theater display.

High Definition Capability:
The PJTX100 utilizes true 16:9 3-Panel 720P LCD light engine and an exclusive Super Focus Quattro ELD lens system to reproduce High Definition images with incredible clarity

Installation Flexibility:
Optical lens shift, both vertical and horizontal, allows the PJTX100 to be placed off axis from screen center, but uses lens shift to center the picture on the screen not digital correction which degrades picture quality. A 1.6x zoom lens also allows the unit to be positioned at various distances from the screen, as close as 9’2” or as far as 15’ from a 100” screen

Exclusive 8-step Gamma Curve Adjustment:
Black levels are critical to any television picture, but especially so for Front Projector displays. The 8-Step gamma adjustment allows for adjustment of specific grey scale values without effecting the overall contrast. A gamma fine tuning feature is needed to obtain the best image for any screen type and viewing environment.

5 Preset Picture Modes and 4 Memory Modes:
For ease of use in any environment 5 Preset Picture Modes create global changes to several key picture adjustments to suit varied environments and source material. If detailed calibration or adjustment is applied, 4 memory modes can be saved for specific viewing needs.

Backlit Remote Control and Easy Menu System:
An ergonomic backlit remote control allows for one button access to the most commonly used features. The motorized 10-step Iris control works directly from the remote. An Easy Menu is available for simplified operation after initial setup is completed.

RS-232C Interface:
Allows for the projector to be incorporated into system control for advanced designs. Incorporate the PJTX100 into an operating system which can control all aspects of the home theater environment including room lighting, picture settings, as well as motorized screen and ceiling mount options.

Key Features

PJTX100 series
12000:1 Contrast Ratio (Iris On)
1200 ANSI Lumens
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Exclusive Super-Focus Quattro ED Glass with 1.6 Zoom
720p HD 3-Panel LCD
Motion-Adaptive Progressive Scan
3:2 Film Processing
5 Picture Preset Settings
4 Custom Memory Modes