Leica Pradovit D-1200 Projector

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Leica Pradovit D-1200 Projector

The LEICA PRADOVIT D-1200 distinguishes itself with its high performance and elegant design in a premium quality chassis. With its particularly compact dimensions and a weight of under 3.5 kilograms, it is the world's smallest and lightest projector in its class. The LEICA PRADOVIT D-1200 is suitable for a broad variety of uses: as well as high-quality projection of digital photos in large format with truly realistic image quality, it can also project films in full HD quality. Moreover, it has very clear menu navigation and an easy to use remote control for the most important functions.

Photo realistic reproduction
LEICA PRADOVIT D-1200 offers optimally adapted colour management for photo realistic image reproduction with an image format of 16:10 due to the D(igital)L(ight)P(rocessing) display technology from Texas Instruments. This reflecting chip technology provides an actual resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Even with a photo realistic setting, the contrast range is more than 2500:1 with a brightness of 1400 ANSI Lumen - with the ability to go to 2000 Lumen.

Optimum image range
The LEICA VARIO-ELMARIT-P 1:2,8-3,1/33-42 mm/59 mm-74 mm (equiv.)/t.r. 1,6-2,0:1 objective provides very good brightness and an image rich in contrasts. The optics can be used for a projection range of 1 to 15 metres with a screen width of 0.5 to 9 metres. The image diagonals range from 0.6 to 11 metres. This allows pin sharp projections in a wide range of rooms.

The latest lamp technology
The LEICA PRADOVIT D-1200 is equipped with a 220W FusionPlus VIDI UHP bulb from Philips with a life expectancy of approx. 3000 hours for standard applications and approx. 4000 hours for save-performance applications. It operates pleasantly quietly - measuring only 28 dB - allowing a relaxed projection experience.

A host of connection options
The Pradovit D-1200 offers a wide range of possibilities to connect with reproduction devices. It boasts a component input and HDMI1.3 and DVI digital interfaces. These can be used to connect not only PC or notebook, but also a DVD player, blu-ray player, HD-DVD player, HD camcorder or HDTV receiver. Alongside the standard composite and S-video interfaces, LAN and VGA cords can also be connected.

Digital all-round package
Leica has succeeded in completing its digital performance chain with this new entry into digital projection. Now with products which are perfectly compatible with each other, Leica photographers are guaranteed excellent results - starting with photography and continuing through to reproduction.

Leica products are renowned for their outstanding quality. This is why Leica offers its registered customers an extensive service package - including a 36 months guarantee on the projector from purchase date. The bulb itself is covered by a guarantee of 36 months or 3000 operating hours, whichever comes first.