Mitsubishi HC5000BL LCD Projector

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-11
Mitsubishi HC5000BL LCD Projector

The technology behind the new HC5000(BL) LCD High Definition Projector is truly amazing. From the microprocessor chips to the optics in the lens, the Mitsubishi product development team has packed innovations into this home theater projector. The result is the highest level of HD and a Hollywood-quality cinema experience in your dedicated home theater.

HQV™ Brings Hollywood to Your Home Cinema
Why do we say "Hollywood quality"? The HC5000(BL) incorporates the latest video processing chip from Silicon Optix, including its Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) technology. HQV features full 10-bit processing and superb I/P (interlaced to progressive) conversion and scaling. Together with all-digital HDMI and DVI connections, that means there’s nothing lost in translation from your highest quality video source to the screen.

How This Home Theater Projector Gives You Full HD
The HQV content then feeds a new-generation of true HD (1920X1080) resolution, C²Fine inorganic LCD panel. The manufacturing and performance characteristics of inorganic LCD components extend the life of your high definition projector. The technology produces a more robust LCD projector that shows you smooth transitions and fast response.

From there, clear and bright video images reach your screen through an optical engine that includes advanced ED (super-low dispersion) optics that are far more sophisticated than regular glass. In fact, the auto "cat's eye" iris sharpens the images from your high definition projector with contrast ratios as high as 10,000:1. A unique Mitsubishi algorithm optimizes contrast by constantly detecting and adjusting to video color and luminance information.

*Black color cabinet available – HC5000(BL)
*White color cabinet available – HC5000

Side Access Lamp: User can remove replace lamp with out taking down the projector if ceiling mounted. This design simplifies lamp replacements without turning the projector around or over when mounted on the ceiling or resting on a shelf. This design helps with reduce overall cost of ownership and maintenance.
Long Lamp Life: Up to 5000hr. Provides owner with hours of home cinema watching enjoyment.
Auto Iris: Increases detail and enhances contrast levels.
HDMI and DVI connectors: Allows for a true digital connection for easy connections to your HD equipment.
Silicon Optix Reon VX next generation full 10-bit video processor: Equipped with the latest Silicon Optix Reon VX chip for high performance video processing and HQV noise reduction to ensure high quality picture reproduction.
Native 1080p: High definition 1080p resolution for amazing picture quality
Next-generation inorganic C2 Fine LCD Panels: Even after long hours of use, high picture quality is maintained with high contrast ratio. This 1920x1080 dot HD resolution panel can reproduce images of true high-definition quality.
Newly developed HD compatible lens system: Equipped with a lens system comprised of 17 elements in 14 groups, including three ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses. This lens system dramatically improves chromatic aberration and peripheral focus.
Ultra-Quiet Noise Level: Amazing low 19dBA noise level, so you can sit back and enjoy your home theater picture instead of any distracting equipment noise level.