Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-11
Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector

Users are finding new applications daily for the new PK20 LED DLP® PocketProjector™. This is the second generation of our award-winning, micro-sized portable projector. With an ultra-wide lens, the PK20 has one of the shortest image throw distances of mobile projectors on the market today. Powerful enough to project a 60-inch image, you can easily create a 20-inch diagonal screen with just over a foot of projection distance. If you’re a sales executive, trainer, gamer, traveler, or camper, you can take the "big screen" right along with you. Or use it at home for digital photo or video shows.

Here’s What’s New in this Ultimate Portable Projector
This class of projectors is so new we’ve made a special effort to listen to how you’re using this unique presentation product, and then respond with new features. First, the PK20 expands its portability by adding an SD card flash memory reader for on-the-fly photo sharing or presentations. Next, the projector uses a combination of Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing® and LED technology to increase brightness by 150 percent compared to the original PocketProjector (PK10). You’ll see greater detail and increased clarity too, with a boost in contrast ratio to 1000:1. And we added audio in and out, as well as a tripod attachment.

Battery Operated to Go With All Your Mobile Devices
Even where there’s nowhere to plug in, the battery-powered PocketProjector™ offers SVGA (800x600) resolution. This projector also includes RCA video, S-video and VGA inputs, plus stereo mini-jack audio in/out to connect to your PDA*, portable DVD player, laptop computer, digital camera* or video game console*. Like our first PocketProjector™, the new PK20 offers instant on/off control, virtually noiseless operation, and no bulb replacement.

Small, Lightweight and Battery Operated: Small and light enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  With its convenience in size, weight and optional battery operation, you can have the ability to instantly project a big screen image anytime and anywhere.
LED Light Source: Convenience of having a cooler operating projector with a long light lifespan – helping to save on cost and time due to projector maintenance.
Optional Battery: No dependencies on electrical outlets, or have to deal with cable or room limitations.  Can use it anywhere.
Instant Projection: Experience no warm up delays, so you can spend more time enjoying your images rather than waiting for your images.
Flexible Connectivity: Includes multiple connectivity options so you don't have to be limited to typical tiny displays (i.e. digital cameras, gaming consoles, dvd players, notebooks, etc).
SD Card Reader and Audio: For convenient on the fly photo sharing or presentations.