Mitsubishi XD460U XGA DLP Classroom HD Projector

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-11
Mitsubishi XD460U XGA DLP Classroom HD Projector

For eye-catching visuals as a conference room or classroom projector, the XD460U XGA DLP® ultraportable projector is a compact projector featuring the brightness and contrast you need for spaces with ambient light: 2600 ANSI lumens and a 2500:1 contrast ratio. Use it as a classroom projector or in large multipurpose and meeting rooms. Move it easily from classroom to classroom, or use it as a shared projector among many locations. Its compact size is also perfect for setting up attention getting trade show or showroom displays.

You'll See Our Best Color Technology at Work in this Classroom Projector
You can use the projector controls to choose from a range of distinctive visual modes and custom settings, whether you're using the XD460U XGA projector for data or video. Texas Instruments' state-of-the-art DDP3020 TrueVision™ Image Processing with BrilliantColor™ and Mitsubishi's Color Enhancer™ make your images the best they can be. BrilliantColor™ for DLP technology uses a new color-processing algorithm to move beyond standard 3-color processing to a 6-color process that more accurately captures the true color common in video and natural scenes. The technology enables a greater than 50% brightness increase in mid tone images for video projectors. You'll see truer colors and smoother images in any scene with this projector using Color Enhancer™.

Engineered for Flexibility and Long-Term Value
This XGA projector features digital keystone correction (horizontal and vertical) that allows you to set up even in the most challenging presentation environments. You can use the vertical lens shift and wall screen features to resize and reposition your images, and compensate for any color on the wall when you use a blackboard, Smartboard or wall as your screen. Flexible video and data projector connection options give you operation flexibility. And Mitsubishi's Express Replacement Assistance (ERA) and 3-year warranty programs, up to 5,000 hours (low mode) of lamp life, and a 1-year lamp warranty ensure long-term value in your projector.

Digital Keystone Correction (Horizontal and Vertical): Allows user to set up even in the most challenging presentation environments.
Virtual Lens Shift – PC Use: Ability to shrink and adjust image up/down; ideal for blackboard or Smartboard applications.
Virtual Lens Shift – Video Use: Allows user to adjust image up/down to avoid blackboards from wide screen formats.
Brilliant Color™: Allows for more vivid, rich colors while increasing mid-tones and superior black levels.
Color Enhancer™: Allows the user to control the Brilliant Color™ technology to meet the most demanding color preferences. Mitsubishi Exclusive.
Security Features: Compatible Kensington lock slot; Password lockout capability which protects the projector from unauthorized use.
Wall Screen Support: Ability to project images on color backgrounds such as beige, light blue, light green, pink and blackboard. Projector automatically adjusts for color tone.
Low Lamp Mode: Extended lamp life and quieter noise operation.
Filter-Free: No filter required, resistant to dust and dirt, no clogged filters. Reduced maintenance fees.
DVI Connector: Allows true digital signal for both PC and video data sources.