Samsung A800 Full HD Home Theater Projector

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Samsung A800 Full HD Home Theater Projector

If you want amazing home theater entertainment, look no further. The SP-A800B delivers a premium home theater experience through studio-quality color. Watch movies as they were intended to be seen and lose yourself in 1080p high definition pictures with more details and bold, brilliant color.

video processing
Want to see color exactly the way it was intended? This projector replicates the original picture quality so you see just what film and TV directors wanted you to see. With the A800B you'll enjoy nothing less than an outstanding home theater experience.

1080p Full HD resolution
Equally as important as the very finest color is the resolution. The SP-A800B offers the highest HDTV resolution available, 1080p. It's a true high-definition picture, for more detailed and more natural-looking car chases, pirate ship fights and world-threatening cosmic catastrophes.

24-Frame True Film mode
Watch movies exactly the way they were filmed. Movies are shot at the film speed of 24 frames per second, but are typically displayed at the video speed of 30 frames per second. 24-frame true film mode recreates each still frame for amazing high-definition picture quality.

color reproduced exactly the way it was intended
SAMSUNG A800B is not only capable of reproducing broadcast-standard colorimetry, but can also be calibrated to HD, SMPTE-C and ECU standards, coming to within an astounding +/- .001 in both x and y coordinates for red, green and blue.

Joe Kane Productions - endorsed
What happens when two industry leaders, esteemed for their history of ground-breaking technologies, share points of view? You get a projector capable of delivering an entertainment experience unlike any other. Joe Kane Productions is actively involved in lectures, training, and consulting on topics of display standards. Their clients include television networks and many post production facilities, among others. With the SP-A800B, SAMSUNG and Joe Kane Productions have set the standard in home theater projection excellence.

HDMI 1.3 connectivity
Enhanced HDMI 1.3 provides a broader bandwidth, for full support of all existing Dolby and DTS compressed audio formats.

key specifications

Supply: 100 - 240 volts at 50 - 60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption: under 1 watt

Brightness: 1,000 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 Full on / off
Lamp Life Time: 1500 hours; eco mode: 2000 hours

PC Input: 1 (analog 15 pin)
Picture Mode: standard, dynamic, movie 1 ~ 2, user 1 ~ 3
Lens Shift: +/- 60 %
Zoom Lens: 1.3:1
Throw Dist (picture width x ): 1.7 ~ 2.2
Image Size (inches): 40" to 250"
H-Sync Range: 31 ~ 91 [kHz]
V-Sync Range: 56 ~ 85 [Hz]

Rear Input
DVI: supported (requires HDMI to DVI cable)
Composite In: 1
S-Video: 1
Component 2: 2

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