Samsung SP-P310ME Ultra Portable Projector

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Samsung SP-P310ME Ultra Portable Projector

The SAMSUNG P310ME pocket Imager is a mobile projector that brings the screen to life with visually stunning images. It's light - but it's no lightweight when it comes to features. In addition to a fast response time that delivers crisp moving images, it boasts a powerful battery that can handle long presentations, and offers easy connectivity to your PC and AV devices. The recipient of international awards, the pocket imager means business at home and on the road.

the perfect traveling companion
Carry the Pocket Imager anytime, anywhere, without the bulk of traditional projectors or the hassles of complicated packaging. At just 1.5 lbs., it travels light. And measuring a slight 5" x 3.7" x 2", it packs easily into its streamlined carrying case. You'll appreciate this “all-in-one packaging box" that's good to go for business or pleasure.

powered for presentations
The pocket imager is built to work hard, providing long-term, reliable operation. Its powerful battery provides 2.5 hours of continuous operation without an external power supply - enough for presentations and entertainment. Then recharge it and it's ready for more.

Digital Light Processing® technology
During the projection process, light can be lost, causing the image to be blurry or washing out color. With DMD (Digital Mirror Device), the core of the pocket imager's DLP® technology, single mirrors on the DMD chip are more densely arranged than on an LCD panel. This adds up to a more efficient use of light, especially when projecting PowerPoint® and Excel® presentations. The image remains bright, crisp and colorful.

smart, simple connectivity
The pocket imager is as easy to use as it is to carry, offering a wide range of connection options. At home, attach your A/V devices using a simple composite connection to enjoy personal theater, movies, DVDs and games. In the office or on the road, the D-sub connection lets you easily access your PC.

always enjoy the big picture
Don't let the compact size of the SAMSUNG P310ME pocket imager fool you. It projects an image that can range from 12" to an impressive 63", so you can get your point across in a big way, or enjoy the latest in entertainment on a larger-than-life scale. And even enlarged, the picture quality remains nothing less than exceptional.

it's all in the details
With high brightness comes the clearest color expressions and the most precise details. Thanks to the pocket imager's 1000:1 contrast ratio, even black tones in videos and text are incredibly enhanced. And, with over 1,000 times faster response time than LCD projectors, distracting image effects - such as trails and dragging - when watching movies or during gaming are a thing of the past.