Sanyo PLC-XF71 XGA Digital Multimedia Projector

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Sanyo PLC-XF71 XGA Digital Multimedia Projector

SANYO introduces the industry's brightest two lamp projector providing outstanding luminance even in venues with high ambient light. With the highest ambient light. In its class, the PLC-XF71 is a really bight performer at 10,000 ANSI lumens, with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. It incorporates a three-mirror system to achieve uniform light output from two lamps, it reduces color irregularities, and delivers incredibly high quality 4:3 images. Additionally, the PLC-XF71 features the exclusive Durable Inorganic Optical System (DIOS) with optical components that are heat and UV resistant. The PLC-XF71 is also outfitted with SANYO's exclusive Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system, which automatically detects airflow and advances clean filter material as needed, resulting in less maintenance, and increased reliability.

Detachable Input Panel
Optional interchangeable input put board

Mechanical Shutter System
New shutter mechanism clicks into place to block the lamp light the instant you turn off the image. It also prevents overlapping images when you are using several projectors on a single screen.

PJ-Net Organizer Plus
Optional Network function

Warping & Blending
The images onto a screen with a curved surface, letting you easily construct an advanced theater system.

Color Management System
To change the shading of a specific color in the image to a desired shade without affecting other colors or adjustments, such as tint or white balance.

Optional Lens
By replacing the lens, the user can choose any projection range

Lamp Management System
Monitors the status of each lamp and can display status and cumulative hours of use on-screen. When full brightness is not required, two of the lamps may be switched off. Also, if a lamp expires while either four or two lamps are in use, the fail-safe operation feature switches to the matched pair of good lamps.

X-Y Power Lens Shift
Projection lens can be moved from side to side and up and down with the motor-driven lens shift function.

Real Color Manager Pro
It makes it easier to adjust the white balance and gamma curve adjustments to attain faithful color reproduction in almost any projection environment. The settings can be stored on a PC for later recall.

Active Maintenance Filter System
This sophisticated One-Way Air Flow and filter monitor system is efficient at controlling the temperature with single intake and exhaust vents. An Active Maintenance Filter is automatically wound and a clean filter surface is set in positionand also warns the user of clogged filters, hence increasing picture quality.

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