Sanyo PLC-XL51 XGA Multimedia Projector

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Sanyo PLC-XL51 XGA Multimedia Projector

The PLC-XL51, while offering the same unique short throw distance design that was introduced on the PLC-XL50, now includes added brightness at 2700 Lumens, a SD card slot for presentations without a PC, in addition to networking capabilities.

The PLC-XL51 is equipped with SANYO's exclusive PJ Network Interface for wired and wireless networking, a popular feature among SANYO's extensive line of commercial projectors. Networking allows the monitoring of projector functions and operation from a long distance via a web browser. The wireless interface is compatible with IEEE802.11b/g standards, offering transfer speeds up to 54Mbps and providing WEP 64 /128-bit security and Mac OS compatibility.

The unique short throw distance design incorporated into the PLC-XL51 allows the projector to function in virtually any environment. By shortening the distance for projection, the options for installation are greatly improved, which includes floor, tabletop and wall mount projection. The variety of applications is almost limitless, providing effective, quick and easy presentations or announcements. For instance:

* Projecting a large screen on the floor in a pre-school creates a new style of teaching and classroom interaction.
* Used as a tabletop projector, images can be projected on a dark surface allowing designers and architects to see their designs more visually for review or additional inspiration
* The projector can be used in a department store to advertise sales products in hallways or on open floor spaces

In order for SANYO to shorten the projection distance of the PLC-XL51, a large diameter aspheric lens and high-precision aspheric mirror were used. This enables large magnification without distortion, even from an ultra-short distance. For instance, the PLC-XL51 is capable of projecting an 80-inch image approximately from a distance of only 3-inches (8 cm). This creates an opportunity to project extremely large images in any room or space that is available.

Additional features include a proprietary cooling system that is a one-way flow design consisting of an air intake and exhaust mechanism on the main body of the projector. Top and Bottom Keystone Correction is provided for proper alignment of the projector. The Color Board Mode allows adjustment of the hue when projecting an image on a colored (non-white) surface so that it appears to be projected on a white surface. The additional Black Board Mode enables educational institutions to use the projector with all standardized educational boards.

The PLC-XL51 has been outfitted with a built-in vibration sensor alert. An alarm sounds when the unit is picked up, proving to be an effective theft-deterrent. There is also a PIN code to lock the projector when not in use. The unit turns on automatically when the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet and with the Easy-Off function it's possible to remove the power cord without waiting for the machine to cool down, which is convenient for quickly clearing away the area after a presentation.

Built-in Network function

Wireless & Wired Network
Wireless and wired LAN connection to give you greater projection versatility.

Advanced Wireless
"Included wireless function (wo/ USB adaptor)"

Presentation Viewer
Insert the SD card memory (not supplied) for Memory viewer operation(refer to the owner's manual of Memory)

Anti Theft Alarm
This function allows you to use the Key lock , PIN code lock function and alarm to set the security for the projector operation.

Auto Input Search
This function detects the input signal automatically. When a signal is found, the search will stop.

Power Off and Go
No need to wait for the projector to cool down.

Short focus projector with the shortest projection distance

Mac Compatible To use MAC & PC

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