Sanyo PLC-XTC50L Portable Multimedia Projector

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Sanyo PLC-XTC50L Portable Multimedia Projector

SANYO has brought to market a projector with 24/7 continuous operation (optional) and an advanced projector maintenance system to go with it. The 5000 ANSI lumen PLC-XTC50L features an industry leading lamp selection system which allows up to 6000 hours of use. Lamp management time can go either two ways. The "Alternating Mode" allows a rotating pattern that switches between the use time of the two lamps creating a long use time over all. There is also the "Relay Mode" that uses one lamp continuously then switches lamps, without interruption, when the first one is used up. These two methods eliminate the need to stock up on spare lamps far in advance. SANYO's PL-Net Organizer (optional) is the key to smart 24/7 operation. Once you set the PJ Net switch timer, a projector lamp switches on/off automatically once every 24 hours depending on the specific time or date set. This makes the PLC-XTC50L particularly useful for around-the-clock digital signage, advertising and information boards. The extended use is complemented with high reliability and easy maintenance. This, in thanks to SANYO's Active Maintenance Filter which detects air blocks or clogs and, then scrolls a filter reel to the next clean filter.

PJ-Net Organizer Plus
Optional Network function

Active Maintenance Filter System
This sophisticated One-Way Air Flow and filter monitor system is efficient at controlling the temperature with single intake and exhaust vents. An Active Maintenance Filter is automatically wound and a clean filter surface is set in positionand also warns the user of clogged filters, hence increasing picture quality.

Quick Lens Replacement
One touch replacement and easy mentenance

Optional Lens
By replacing the lens, the user can choose any projection range

Lamp Management System
Monitors the status of each lamp and can display status and cumulative hours of use on-screen. When full brightness is not required, two of the lamps may be switched off. Also, if a lamp expires while either four or two lamps are in use, the fail-safe operation feature switches to the matched pair of good lamps.

Vertical Power Lens Shift
Projection lens can be moved from up and down with the motor-driven lens shift function.

Mechanical Shutter System
New shutter mechanism clicks into place to block the lamp light the instant you turn off the image. It also prevents overlapping images when you are using several projectors on a single screen.


Brightness: 5000 Lumens
Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)
Uniformity: 90%
Panel System: 1.0" TFT Poly x 3
Number of Pixels: 2,359,296 (786,432 x 3)
Contrast Ratio (Full on / off): 1100:1
Image Size: Dependent on Lens
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Projection Lamp (s): 330W NSHA(1+1 lamp)
Scanning Frequency: H 15 - 100kHz / V 50 - 100Hz
Dot Clock: 140MHz
dB Rating: 32.0 (eco1 mode)
Voltage: 100 - 240 V
BTU Rating: 1877
Power Consumption: 550W
Weight: 32.4 lbs.
Dimensions (inch): 17.8 x 21.6 x 6.9
Projection Lens (inch): Dependent on Lens
Throw Distance (feet): Dependent on Lens
Zoom / Focus: Dependent on Lens
Throw Ratio: Dependent on Lens
Zoom Ratio: Dependent on Lens
Up / Down Ratio: 10:0 - 1:1 (Lt / Rt 13:7 - 7:13): dependent on lens
Power Lens Shift: Up / Down / Left / Right
Optional Lenses: Yes
Rear Screen Projection (L / R Reverse): Yes
Ceiling Mountable (T / B Reverse): Yes
Digital Keystone Correction: V +/- 40°, H +/- 20°
Digital Zoom: 49x - 1/4x
Digital Interface (HDCP Compatible): DVI-D
Analog Interface: 5BNC, D-sub 15 pin S-video, RCA
USB Port: Yes
RS-232 Control Carry and / or: Yes
Speaker Output: 3W + 3W
Audio Output: Stereo Mini
PC Monitor Output: Yes
PC-Less Presentation: No
Wireless Presentation: No
Network Control / Admin: Optional
Custom Startup Screen: Yes
Detachable Input Panels: No
Shipping Case: No
Remote Control: Wireless / Wired / IR

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