Sony VPLCX100 XGA Projector

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Sony VPLCX100 XGA Projector

The VPL-CX100 compact business projector is ideal for mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms. This new projector features native XGA resolution, 2700 lumens brightness and accepts a wide range of input signals, including both PC and video sources. It is also installation flexible – can be floor – ceiling or rear-mounted and is exceptionally easy to maintain. Lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be accomplished without uninstalling the projector!


* XGA Native Resolution
* 2700 ANSI Lumens Brightness
* Off & Go Technology - Terminate the power without waiting for the projector to cool down
* Anti-Theft Features: Password Authentication, Control Panel Key Lock, Security Lock, Security Bar
* 2 RGB Inputs
* Monitor Out
* Variable Audio Out
* RS232C
* Direct Power On/Off
* Floor, Ceiling and Rear Installation Flexibility
* 4x Digital Zoom
* Freeze Function
* Picture and Audio Muting Function
* Easy Lamp Replacement and Filter Cleaning
* 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction
* ID Function for Multi-Projector Installation


3LCD Panel System: 3LCD is projection system using three LCD Panels (also known as high-temperature poly-silicon or HTPS). Images projected with 3LCD are bright, natural, and gentle on the eyes.

HIgh Brightness and High Contrast: The VPL-CX100 adopts the 0.79-inch panel. The newly developed 200W ultra high pressure lamp has higher efficiency by approx. 13% than current models.

12-Bit 3D Gamma Correction: The VPL-CX100 incorporates circuitry to perform highly accurate gamma correction.

High Resolution & High Picture Quality: The VPL-CX100 adopts the newly developed large diameter ACF (Advanced Crisp Focus) lens which consists of all glass lenses. This new lens provides high resolution crisp images with less aberration even in corners of the screen.

Versatile Interfaces: The VPL-CX100 accepts a wide variety of input signals including 2 RGB inputs, monitor out, variable audio out nd RS232C for control.

Easy Lamp Replacement and Filter Cleaning: Lamp replacement can be done from the rear side of the projector while the filter can be removed from the front so there is no need to uninstall the projector for maintenance.

Direct Power On/Off: With this function, standby mode can be skipped over to activate the projector immediately.

Flexible Orientation: The VPL-CX100 can be tilted 90 degrees upwrds or downwards. This flexibility greatly expands application possiblities.

Security: Password Authentication System: Once a user sets a password, the projector cannot be used without it. This function prevents unauthorized use of the projector.

Security: Control Panel Key Lock: The control panels on the top panel of the projector can be locked, preventing inadvertent or unauthorized adjustment of the controls.

Security: Lock: It is possible to connect to an optional security cable such as Kensington's.

Security: Bar: It is possible to attach an anti-theft chain or wire to the metal bar.

Quiet Operation: The VPL-CX100 is incredibly quiet allowing for smooth and undisturbed presentations.

On Screen Multi-Language Setup Menu: The VPL-CX100 has a sophisticated OSD menu that supports 15 languages: English, Nederland, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai.

Smart Auto Pixel Alignment: This function automatically adjusts the size and phase of images and displays for optimum picture performance allowing users to concentrate on their presentations, rather than time-consuming technical adjustments.

Auto Input Search: The CX100 automatically checks the projector's input connectors and selects the one to which an input signal is supplied. Images are projected from the moment the power is turned on.

Picture and Audio Muting Function: The CX100 can mute the picture and audio temporarily from the remote commander.

Freeze: For smart presentations, the Freeze function displays a freeze frame while the user prepares or switches to the next frame.

Digital Zoom: With the 4-times digital zoom function, one section of a presentation can be zoomed in for a closer look and to convey a message more clearly.