Sony VPLCX125 XGA Projector

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Sony VPLCX125 XGA Projector

The VPL-CX125 compact business projector is ideal for mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms. This new projector features native XGA resolution, 3000 lumens brightness and accepts a wide range of input signals, including both PC and video sources. It is also installation flexible – can be floor – ceiling or rear-mounted and is exceptionally easy to maintain. Lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be accomplished without uninstalling the projector!


* XGA Native Resolution
* 3000 ANSI Lumens Brightness
* Off & Go Technology - Terminate the power without waiting for the projector to cool down
* Anti-Theft Features: Password Authentication, Control Panel Key Lock, Security Lock, Security Bar
* 2 RGB Inputs
* Monitor Out
* Variable Audio Out
* RS232C
* Direct Power On/Off
* Floor, Ceiling and Rear Installation Flexibility
* 4x Digital Zoom
* Freeze Function
* Picture and Audio Muting Function
* Easy Lamp Replacement and Filter Cleaning
* 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction
* ID Function for Multi-Projector Installation