Yamaha DPX-1200 DLP Digital Video Projector

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-10
Yamaha DPX-1200 DLP Digital Video Projector

High Resolution Lens
The DPX-1200 goes beyond the capabilities of other projectors with the use of a new high resolution lens that maintains extreme resolution sensitivity all the way to the edges. Four anomalous dispersion glass components, result in half the chromatic aaberration while maintaining a short focal point and high zoom magnification.

High PerformanceHD2+ DMD™
Naturally, Yamaha equipped the DPX-1200 with the latest DMD device, HD2+, which has narrow mirror gaps and no center pivot mark, improving contrast over the previous version.

The DPX-1200 incorporates a seven-segment color wheel, with an ND filter-equipped green segment, resulting in excellent color reproduction. The seven-segment structure reduces dither, while color reproduction is excellent, with greens being more true to life than ever (achieving the HD monitor "green" standard). Green resolution is 10-bit, which also improves the representation of black tones.

Faroudja TruLife Enhancer
The DPX-1200 incorporates TruLife Enhancer technology from Faroudja, one of the world's top developers of video technology. It ensures that picture clarity is excellent, with clean,sharp edges and details.

Color Balance System
The DPX-1200 offers three Color Balance modes. The first is the Standard mode and cannot be adjusted. The second is the RGB mode, which allows adjustment of the white, red, green and blue colors by specifying x and y values for each. The third mode is RGBYCM, which allows each of the six colors to be directly specified by entering x and y coordinates. There are six memory presets for storing personal adjustments.

Color Temperature Adjustment
You can adjust the correlated color temperature in 500K increments between 5,000K and 10,000K, in order to achieve accurate color fidelity. A graph on the color temperature menu facilitates this operation. In order to maintain perfect color balance when the settings are changed, automatic color balance calculation and adjustment is provided.


* Yamaha Natural Black Concept
* 5,000:1 Contrast Ratio
* Latest DMD 720P DarkChip3™ Device
* High Resolution Lens
* Motorized Iris Control for Higher Contrast
* Seven-segment Color Wheel
* Faroudja TrueLife Enhancer
* Natural Color Adjustment System
* Lamp Power Selector
* Silent Operation
* HDMI Compatibility
* Motorized Vertical Lens Shift, Iris, Focus and Zoom Controls
* One-Line Menu with Graphical Menu Configuration