Yamaha DPX-1300 High Performance Digital Video Projector

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-10
Yamaha DPX-1300 High Performance Digital Video Projector

The DPX-1300 builds on the impressive accomplishments of Yamaha projectors to deliver an extraordinary high level of video performance. The latest DarkChip3™ device delivers an incredible 5,000:1 contrast, while brightness is 800 ANSI lumens. But there's more - the video signal processing circuitry realizes 10-bit processing from input to DMD, while programmable per-pixel processing and other performance is to the standards of the newest HQV ™ technology from Silicon Optix Inc. The result is the highest level of video processing available in a digital cinema projector.

High Performance De-interlacing Processing
At high-definition TV resolution, high-level de-interlacing processing (1080i / 1080p) is performed at the pixel level. Complex cadences are handled, not only with 3:2 pulldown, but also with broadcast film and animation programming, for smooth, stable de-interlacing.

Yamaha's Exclusive Overshoot Suppressor
In any video source, video noise which can occur which causes an 'overshoot' effect that degrades image outlines. The Yamaha exclusive Overshoot Suppressor employs high-level Yamaha video processing technology which detects and reduces this 'overshoot' effect for more natural-looking image reproduction.

High Precision Scaling Processing and Jaggy Line Reduction
The superior performance 2D digital filter provides high precision scaling. By detecting lines in multiple directions it reduces noticeable jaggy lines between borders.

3D + Digital Video Noise Reduction Systems
Powerful 3D Noise Reduction is incorporated, along with Digital Video Noise Reduction to minimize mosquito noise and block noise to minimize their bad influence on digitally encoded images.

Yamaha Natural Black Concept
The Yamaha Natural Black concept was the result of the development of new technologies, parts and functions designed to achieve truer, deeper levels of black in this class of digital cinema projectors.

The Latest DarkChip3™ DMD™ Device
The DPX-1300 is equipped with the 720p 0.8" DarkChip3™ DMD™ device. As the name implies, it uses narrow mirror gaps to improve contrast, delivering deeper blacks and improved contrast in dark areas.

High Resolution Lens and Other Key Features
The DPX-1300 uses a superior quality high-resolution lens and a seven-segment color wheel with an ND filter-equipped green segment. Other key features include motorized iris control, Cinema Zoom, the Natural Color Adjustment System, horizontal/vertical Keystone correction and custom installation compatibility.

Versatile Interfaces with HDMI and DVI
In addition to the Component Video, RGB Video, Composite video and S-Video input terminals, the DPX-1300 is also equipped with HDMI and DVI digital interface terminals.