Yamaha LPX-510 Home Theater Projector

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-10
Yamaha LPX-510 Home Theater Projector

Film-Like Quality with Yamaha Natural Black
Yamaha's Natural Black design concept enables the LPX-510 to achieve much deeper levels of black than conventional projectors.

High Performance LCD Panels, 10-bit Processing, High Brightness
The LPX-510 uses three TFT Active Matrix LCD panels capable of projecting high resolution 720p (1,280 x 720-pixel) HDTV images. It also employs 10-bit video processing, giving it the ability to reproduce 1.07 billion colors, while 6:9 aspect ratio compatibility means that wide screen movies can be viewed in their entirety, with the correct perspective. 1,000 ANSI lumens brightness allows the projector to be used en in relatively bright rooms.

3D Linear Color Balance
Ideally, the three signals (R, G, B) from the three LCD panels should have the same linearity, but due to various factors, their linearity continuously varies. The 3D Linear Color Balance function helps maintain the proper balance between them, adjusting color regularities through a range of 15,360 correction points (640 points x 8 steps x 3colors) for accurate color in any type of scene from dark to bright.

Cinema Balance Filter
The LPX-510 introduces a new Cinema Balance Filter that enhances color reproduction when viewing in a dark room, such as typically used for movies. It reduces the green level (and blue to a lesser degree), and is an optical filter so dynamic range is not affected. The filter moves to the on or off position (motorized operation) according to the Picture Mode, being on in the Standard, Cinema, Cinema Black and PC modes.

Lens Shift, Motorized Iris and Zoom Control
Vertical and horizontal lens shift capability means that the projector does not have to be carefully positioned directly in front of the screen. Maximum range of movement is 100% vertically and 50% horizontally, much greater than conventional projectors. You can use the motorized iris control to improve contrast and focusing, and to give the image a more three-dimensional feel. The motorized zoom control will expand the image up to 1.5 times to give you a closer view of the scene and for projecting a 16:9 picture on a 4:3 screen. Settings can be adjusted in six steps (100%—75%) and stored in the picture memory. There are also six lamp power settings, so the LPX-510 provides a total of 36 brightness variations.

Extensive Image Control
Six Picture Modes provide a variety of color and brightness balance settings by adjusting gamma values, the Cinema Balance Filter and lamp power to optimize the picture for varying home theater conditions. The six modes are Dynamic, Bright, Standard, Cinema, Cinema Black and PC.

DCDi Processing
Faroudja, one of the world’'s leading video technology companies, developed the DCDi processing used in this projector. It ensures smooth and natural images without staircasing or jaggies.


* On-screen menus
* Lamp power selector
* Custom installation solutions
* Smart Zoom for projecting 4:3 broadcasts onto a full 16:9 screen with no distortion in the middle
* Selectable video scan (PC: 100%, 95%; Video: 95%, 92%)
* Six presettable memories
* Operation status lock (zoom, focus and lens shift)