Asus AIR Internet Radio

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Asus AIR Internet Radio

ASUS Internet Radio Supports 10,000 Worldwide Broadcast Stations

Enjoy Great Choice with More than 10,000 Radio Stations
With the support of more than 10,000 broadcast stations worldwide, users can now listen to whatever catches their fancy. When they connect the ASUS Internet Radio (AIR) via a wireless or LAN (DHCP) connection, the whole world opens up as they can choose music from any genre from any corner of the globe. Whether it be Jazz, classical, pop, rock, funk or dance music; or just tuning in to local or overseas news, the world's music and news will be at their fingertips!

No PC Required for Environmentally Conscious Operations
When desktops are used to listen to Internet radio, up to 300 Watt/hr of power consumption must be used; and if a notebook is used for listening to Internet radio, 65 Watt/hr is needed. However, with the AIR, it only takes a mere 8 Watt/hr of power consumption. This energy savings translates into one of the most important concepts when we use technological products – ensuring that the AIR is a product that has environmental concerns in mind.

Ideal for Immigrants, Language Learners and Music Lovers
With such easy access to the world's radio stations, users can even learn different languages of the world by listening in to the different broadcasts from different countries. By simply listening to these broadcasts, users can add to their language faculties and increase their foreign language abilities. Additionally, users can also tune in to their domestic broadcasts to keep in touch with what's happening at home when they are abroad.

Save Up to 250 of Your Favorite Stations
Users can also compile up to 250 of their very own favorite list of stations with ease. With a simple press of a button, they can add in their favorite station instantly. Storing and never losing their favorite stations has been easier. Besides this, the AIR can add and update new radio stations – giving users the choice to add in their favorite radio stations by entering the URLs of those stations. It can even update changeable radio stations by means of downloading the station list from servers automatically and using them to update to the latest radio stations list!

Built-in Buffer function for Smoother Listening
When listening to Internet radio stations, stability of the Internet connection will affect the quality of the listening pleasure. With a built-in buffer function that radically improves the quality of songs, users of the AIR will be able to choose between 3 options: 2 second, 4 second and 8 second buffers – allowing them smooth radio listening even with lapses in the Internet connection.

User Attentive Design
Not only does the AIR provide a great variety of radio stations to listen to, it also has a host of useful features bundled along with it. One such feature of the AIR is the fact that it can play MP3s from the user's MP3 players. By simply connecting the MP3 player to the AIR, users will be able to listen to their MP3s through the AIR speakers. Another useful feature that the AIR provides is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). When using the AIR for the first time, users need only tune the time zone to localize the correct hour, and the device will remember it and the minutes will be synchronized through Network Time Protocol (NTP). Additionally, the AIR has 8 built-in languages of English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese for easy and user-friendly usage.

Built-in Sleep Timer and Backlight
The AIR is also able to function as an alarm clock to allow users to wake up to their favorite stations. It also has a built-in sleep timer that allows users select a preset amount of time for the alarm snooze before they sleep. Users can set up six options: 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes or switched off. Besides this, the AIR has 3 backlight options to let users adjust the brightness of the backlight, or even it off to suit the user's needs.

Wooden Speaker and Line-out
The AIR utilizes a wooden speaker that resonates enhanced sound quality for better musical enjoyment. It also allows users to add their own additional amplifier or speakers for even clearer, highest quality radio sounds. Users can also use their own headphone to listen to Internet radio.