Denon ACD-XMSIR XM/Sirius Satellite Tuner Ready Card

Denon Updated: 2008-10-02 RSS
Denon ACD-XMSIR XM/Sirius Satellite Tuner Ready Card

With the ACD-XMSIR expansion card, you can add digital satellite radio capability to Denon's TU-604CI.

The Plug-And-Play card supports connection to the required XM or Sirius satellite radio tuner, bringing a host of satellite radio channels into the home.

XM features over 170 unique channels, including 69 commercial-free music channels, on-air personalities, along with exclusive live concerts and original programming, plus premier sports, talk, comedy, children's and entertainment programming, as well as 21 channels of the most advanced traffic and weather information.

Sirius offers over 130 unique channels, including commercial-free music from every genre, on-air personalities, sports, talk, comedy, and weather and traffic channels.

Simple connection to the external satellite tuner lets you listen to satellite radio anywhere in the home.

Can't decide which satellite radio service to choose from? Add a second ACD-XMSIR card (and appropriate external satellite tuner module) and you can have all of the satellite radio stations at your fingertips.