Denon DRA-CX3 Audiophile Stereo AM/FM Tuner/Amplifier

Denon Updated: 2008-10-02 RSS
Denon DRA-CX3 Audiophile Stereo AM/FM Tuner/Amplifier

Compact in size, the DRA-CX3 AM/FM tuner/amplifier combines precision design with a powerful amplifier section able to drive the widest range of audiophile loudspeaker systems.

Featuring 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the DRA-CX3 is equipped with generous headroom for the widest dynamic range, along with 150 watts per channel capability into lower impedance 4 ohms speakers, and features separate power supplies and ground circuits for each critical stage.

A range of inputs includes a phono section with both MM and MC cartridge capability along with a dedicated CD input that features Denon's high grade gold plated machined brass input terminals for compatibility with audiophile interconnects, with 3 additional line level inputs for connection to other sources, along with iPod dock control.

The audiophile grade speaker connectors are gold plated machined brass for compatibility with quality speaker cables, and the Pure Direct mode turns off unnecessary circuits and disables the front panel display for maximum fidelity.

The elegant slimline remote control is thoughtfully laid out for ease of use.