JVC MX-GC5 Compact Component System

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JVC MX-GC5 Compact Component System

460 Watts of power.3-CD Changer Component System with GIGA-TUBE Low-Pass Advanced Labyrinth Aero TUBE Subwoofers. USB input for connection to you PC, Front Aux Input,Bi-Amp Configuration, Three Live Surround Modes: Dance Club/Hall/Stadium and RHYTHMAX.


* Power Output: 460 Total Watts, Subwoofer: 160 watts per channel; Main Speaker: 70 watts per channel
* Sources: CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 (CD-R/RW), Tuner, USB Input
* 3-Way Bass-Reflex: 4-3/4" (12cm) Cone Woofer, 2" (5cm) Cone Tweeter, and 6-5/16" (16cm) Cone Subwoofer
* 1-bit Dual D/A Converter
* 32-Track Program Play
* GIGA-TUBE Low-Pass Advanced Labyrinth Aero TUBE Subwoofers
* Heart-pounding bass and rich, full mids
* 3-CD Carousel Changer with Play & Exchange System — discs not in play can be replaced even during playback
* USB Input for easy PC connection
* Front AUX Input for enjoying songs from external devices with ease
* RHYTHMAX — intensifies the sound by amplifying signals comprising "rhythm" of a tune
* Bi-Amp Configuration — separately drives the main speakers and subwoofers for lower distortion
* Live Surround (3 Modes): DANCE/HALL/STADIUM
* Extended Super Bass
* Eco Mode — for saving power consumption

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