JVC MX-K50 Compact Component System

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JVC MX-K50 Compact Component System


* 100 Watts per channel
* 5-3/8 cone subwoofers
* 3 preset and 3 manual equalization settings
* Live Surround (Dance/Club/Hall/Stadium)
* AUX input
* 15 AM and 30 FM station memory
* Triple-tray CD changer
* 1-bit Dual D/A converter
* 3-CD Program, Play and Exchange
* 32-track CD programming
* 16-track CD program Chart
* Dual Cassette Deck. Full Logic Control
* Music Scan
* Cassette: CD Synchro start recording
* 4-layer voice coil subwoofer
* 5-3/8 (13.5cm) cone woofer, 2 (5cm) cone tweeter and 13/16 (2cm)cone subwoofer
* Large multi-color Asymmetrical Display
* Full-function remote control
* 1 Year parts and labor warranty

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