Motorola FV700R Two-Way Radio

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Motorola FV700R Two-Way Radio

The Motorola Talkabout® FV700 has no busy signals, no roaming charges and millions of free minutes to be used anytime of the day or night. And with a range of up to 12 miles, this two way radio is perfect for families and groups who want to talk.
With a compact and rugged design, the FV700 is light enough to fit in a pocket and sturdy enough to take anything that is thrown its way. Take it to the lake to keep in touch while boating, or stick it in your child's pocket so they can communicate with you without racking up expensive charges or relying upon cell towers.

What you get:

* 2 Radios
* 2 Belt Clips
* 1 Dual Charger
* 1 Charging Adaptor
* 2 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs

Full Specification:

Range: 12 Miles
Backlit Display: Yes
Battery Type: NiMH Rechargeable
Auto Squelch: Yes
Battery / Power Save: Yes
Number of Call Tones: 10
Channel Busy / Heartbeat / Transmit LED: Yes
Channels: 22
Drop-In Charging Capable: Yes
Faceplate Color: Blue (PMS 294C)
iVox: Yes
Keypad  Lock: Yes
Keypad Tones: Yes
LCD Battery Meter: Yes
Low Battery Alert (Audible): Yes
Monitor function: Yes
NOAA / Weather Alert: Yes - 11 Weather Channels. No alert
Power Source: NiMH Battery Pack or 3 AAA Batteries
Vox (With Accessory): Yes
Privacy Codes: 121
Talk Confirmation Tone / Roger Beep: Yes
QT: Yes
Radio Base Color: Black
Volume Knob: Yes