Polk Audio SR-H1000 Satellite Radio Tuner

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Polk Audio SR-H1000 Satellite Radio Tuner

SIRIUS satellite radio lovers rejoice! Now you can enjoy the SIRIUS programming you love in your home, from a component-style tuner that delivers 100% of SIRIUS' digital sound quality. The Polk Audio SR-H1000 tuner sets the performance standard for all SIRIUS tuners.

You no longer have to remember to take your portable SIRIUS tuner out of the car and hook it up to a home adapter. Set it up once and the SR-H1000 is ready to provide high fidelity SIRIUS programming in your home. Its 15" width and gloss black faceplate look right at home among your other audio gear.

With alarm & timer functions, you can wake up or go to sleep listening to your favorite SIRIUS station.

The SR-H1000 has a composite video output so you can view all of the standard SIRIUS information right on your TV screen--channel number, name, artist name and song title. Of course that information is also on the front panel.

Easy Navigation
With multiple channel surfing options, you can directly punch in a number, scroll by category, view by song title, channel title or artist, or access via 30 channels of direct presets. A jump button is also included- think of it as "station recall at the press of a button" for quick switching to and from a single station.

The SR-H1000 features high-quality digital-to-analog circuitry to extract maximum detail from the SIRIUS signal. Portable units often use the cheapest quality components in their construction. Not so with the SR-H1000!

Everything Needed for Hook Up Included
The Polk SR-H1000 comes with everything you need to enjoy SIRIUS radio the day you bring it home: an indoor/outdoor SIRIUS antenna with 21 foot cable (an optional 50 foot or wireless extension is available), a digital optical cable and an RCA analog audio cable are all included in the carton.

Hooking up is a snap. The SR-H1000 features an Optical digital output and standard RCA analog stereo outputs so you can hook it up to ANY stereo receiver or amp. Of course, you'll need to subscribe to the SIRIUS Satellite Radio service.
Connect the antenna and place it near a window. Then connect to any stereo receiver with its optical digital output or standard RCA jack analog stereo outputs. Then call SIRIUS (1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)) or log onto www.sirius.com to activate.

Perfect for Integrators and Distributed Audio
For custom installers and system integrators, RS232 allows control from home automation products such as Netstreams, Crestron, AMX etc.

Included rack ears allow convenient mounting in standard-width racks, simplifying installation. SSP input allows addition of a second zone when SC-HI SiriusConnect is added. IR input eliminates the need for an IR flasher and a 12-volt trigger input can be used to turn the unit on and off.

With SIRIUS' Music for Business subscription means the SR-H1000 is great for businesses such as restaurants, bars, retail stores, heath clubs, etc.

Additional SR-H1000 features include:

* Expandable to Dual Tuner Mode- SSP input allows connection to a second zone when optional SC-HI SiriusConnect is added.
* Touch Sensitive Front Panel Buttons look great and are back lit.
* Full Function Remote Control gives you total control of the tuner at your fingertips.
* Built-In Signal Strength Meter helps you position your antenna for perfect reception.
* Composite Video output with screen saver allows connection to your TV. Displays time, channel, song and artist information.
* 10 Button Direct Access Presets on front panel and on remote, with 3 banks allows up to 30 presets- for easy recall of your favorite stations. Category Function allows you to scan through major categories of channels (Rock, Talk, Sports, etc.)
* Game Alert™ - Alerts you if your favorite team's game is on. Select NFL, NBA, NHL or College, then select your favorite team, and Game Alert will tell you when the game is on. You can also set it so it alerts you if there's a change in score.
* Jump Function allows one button easy access of a particular station such as news, traffic or weather. Program your favorite station and access it at the touch of a button. Then press the jump button again to go back to whatever you were listening to.
* Song Seek allows you to mark up to 20 of your favorite songs and will alert you if when they start playing on any channel.
* Replay- Think of it as "on-demand" for your satellite radio! Pause, Rewind and Replay up to the last 44 minutes of content with this function.
* Parental Control allows you to lock out certain channels.
* Clock appears on front panel and on screen and is automatically set via satellite signal.
* Output Level Control matches the analog output volume of the SR-H1000 to match that of other sources in your system for consistent volume as you switch from SIRIUS to other sources.
* Timer and Alarm Function - You can set the SR-H1000 to automatically shut off if a button is not pressed in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. You can also program the unit to turn on at a certain time, too.
* 12-Volt Trigger Input - If your receiver has a 12-Volt trigger output, you can connect your SR-H1000 to it and have the receiver turn the SR-H1000 on and off
* Includes - Remote Control, power cable, indoor/outdoor antenna with 21' cable, rack mount ears, Fiber Optic and analog audio cables.