SHARP XL-MP130 Micro Component Audio System

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-25
SHARP XL-MP130 Micro Component Audio System

Stylish, compact, and powerful, this executive micro system is perfect for any office, den, or bedroom. With 170 watts of power, a 5 CD changer, and a full logic cassette deck, the XL-MP130 looks and sounds great.


170 Watts Total Output is maximum output power with 10% THD.

Type of CD Mechanism is a multi-play 5 tray CD mechanism that provides hours of music enjoyment.

Automatic Programmable Music Selector allows you to customize the playback of your music in the order that you like.

Subwoofer Pre-Out Terminal allows you to connect an optional powered subwoofer for added bass response.

Play Exchange allows you to change CDs while one is playing.

Clock, Timer, & Sleep Functions allow you to use your audio system as an alarm clock or timer.

Pre-Set Equalizer allows you to adjust equalization to the type of music you are listening to.

CD-R/RW Playable lets you play your own recorded CDs.

Total Output Power:170 Watts
CD Capacity:5-Disc Multi-Play Changer
Full Logic Cassette Decks:Single Full Logic
Speaker Type:2-Way Ported Speakers
Full Function Remote Control:Yes
AM/FM Tuner with Station Memory Presets:Yes, 40 Presets
Pre-Set Equalizer:Yes, 6 Modes
X Bass (Extra Bass System):Yes