Sony ICF-B05W Emergency Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ICF-B05W Emergency Radio

Because it's never too early to prepare for a crisis, the ICF-B05W radio ensures you'll never be caught without the important emergency tools such as a flashlight and Weather/AM/FM radio with resistant tuning. Resistant tuning allows a station to be tuned before its put away for emergency use. The radio is battery powered, but if an emergency strikes, one minute of cranking the built-in power generator provides up to 1 hour of AM radio, 40 minutes of FM radio or 15 minutes of light. The radio operates on 2 "C" batteries and contains an LED light, which comes in handy at night.

Weather/AM/FM Radio with Resistant Tuning
allows the station to be tuned before it's put away for emergency use and will stay in that position until it's changed by the user. Tuning control for the weatherband is located in the battery compartment.

Built-in Power Generator
with 1 minute of cranking at the optimum rate indicated by the green LED charging indicator, the user is provided with up to 60 minutes of AM radio, 40 minutes of FM radio or 15 minutes of lights.

Power Source Choice
the unit can be operated using the Power Generator or 2 "C" batteries (not supplied).

Two Light Settings
allow you to choose between using a flashlight or a softlight which adds to the functionality of the radio. In the flashlight setting, the LED provides a bright light that can be used to illuminate an object or help guide the user when walking. The softlight is a low level light that adds illumination or comfort light when a group is gathered around it.

Charging Indicator
when the Power Generator handle is turned at the optimum roating speed (in either direction), the green LED Charging Indicator will illuminate. Continuing to turn the handle at this same rate for approximately one minute (120 rotations) will provide a full charge.

Bright Yellow Color
makes it easy to locate.

Water Resistant Design
Unit is designed to be splash resistant for all weather operation. It cannot, however, be immersed in water.