Sony ICF-C492 Large Display AM/FM Clock Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ICF-C492 Large Display AM/FM Clock Radio

This clock radio will take up very little space on your nightstand, but it sports a huge display. The ICF-C492 has a 1.4" green LED display, which is easily viewable from across the room. It comes with variable brightness control, so you can tone down the display and a host of other features including dual alarm, snooze bar and full power memory back up.

Space-Conscious Stylish Design
is distinctive in appearance and takes up minimum depth on nightstand.

Huge (1.4") Green LED Display
shows the time in numbers that are effortlessly readable from almost anywhere in your bedroom, kitchen or office

Variable Brightness Control
lets you adjust the level of display brightness to your exact taste and environment using an infinitely adjustable dial control.

2 Level Alarm Volume
allows you to select the alarm sound to suit your preference, whether loud or soft--the soundest sleepers as well as light sleepers will be accommodated.

Wake to Radio or Alarm
Wake up to your favorite radio station or the alarm buzzer.

AM/FM Tuner
lets you choose from the wide variety of news, talk radio and music programming.

Convenient Snooze Bar
is ample in size and easy to press without fumbling to shut off alarm temporarily, allowing for a few extra minutes of snoozing.

Sleep Timer
shuts off radio automatically after a pre-set length of time.

Full Power Memory Back-Up
uses single 9V battery (optional) to maintain clock and alarm settings and operation in event of blackout or other power failure.