Sony ICF-CD843V 4-Band Clock Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ICF-CD843V 4-Band Clock Radio

Your sleep schedule is important, so you need a clock radio with useful features. The ICF-CD843V delivers. It has triple alarm, so you can set three different alarm times, each with the option of waking to CD, buzzer or radio. The large dual time display shows both the current time and your alarm setting, and the Snoozinator™ extendable snooze lets you determine how much longer you want to sleep. The nap timer allows you to take naps without resetting the alarm. Simply set a nap time of 10 to 120 minutes, and never worry about messing up the alarm setting.

Space-Conscious Design
distinguishes this versatile system from ordinary looking clock radios while compact styling also saves space on nightstand.

Large/Dual Time Display
is backlit for day/night visibility, and shows both the current time and alarm-set time.

4 Band Digital Synthesized Tuner (AM/FM/TV/Weather)
provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of all available radio stations, plus audio from TV channels 2-13, and up to the minute weather from your local Weather Band broadcasts.

25 Random Memory Presets
offer convenient one-button tuning to 10 of your favorite FM and 5 each in AM radio, TV and Weather Band stations.

CD-R/RW Playback
Plays all CD-R/RW discs burned either in a PC or a home recording deck. Create custom mixes from your existing music collection and always have the right music at hand.

Mega Bass® Sound System
produces rich, deep bass tones for more powerful overall sound.

Triple Alarm: 3 Times/3 Modes (CD/Radio/Buzzer)
gives you the convenience to set three different alarm times with choice of waking to CD, buzzer alarm, or a favorite radio station, for each different time.

Extendable Snooze (10 Minutes per Tap/60 Minutes Max.)
gives you the freedom to choose your personal snooze time instead of having to settle for the standard time intervals of other alarms; each press of the Snooze bar adds an additional 10 minutes to your snooze time, up to a full hour, so with a few quick flicks of your fingertips you can roll over for more uninterrupted sleep without having to reset the alarm.

CD Play Modes (Shuffle/Shuffle-Repeat/Repeat-1/Repeat All)
lets you hear CD tracks in multiple modes: in sequence as recorded, all tracks in random (Shuffle), repeat of all tracks in random order, a single track repeat or all tracks repeat.

Brightness Control
allows you to adjust the brightness of the display to your own environment.

Nap Timer
is a separate button which allows you to take a short nap and wake up to buzzer without changing your alarm settings (You can select your favorite nap time 10/20/30/60/90/120 minutes).