Sony ICF-SW35 Digital Tuning World Band Receiver

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ICF-SW35 Digital Tuning World Band Receiver

Perfect for the world traveler in all of us, the ICF-SW35 digital tuning world band receiver™ features digital tuning and 50 memory presets to keep the world's radio stations within reach.

Digital Tuning World Band Receiver? Radio
makes tuning-in a desired station simple and precise, with the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio talk and music programming worldwide.

PLL Quartz Frequency Synthesized Digital Tuning
is an extremely accurate method of tuning with optimum stability which reduces station drift to a minimum.

LW/MW/FM/SW Reception
lets you listen to a wide range of frequencies at home and abroad, including Long Wave frequencies below the conventional AM band, and Short Wave frequencies up to 26100kHz.

50 Memory Presets (10 presets per page/five pages)
lets you select up to 50 stations, file them by page or category or type, and tune them in automatically at a button's touch.

Memory Scan
will scan one at a time all 10 memory presets of each page, for all five pages, and let you listen for a few seconds before deciding whether to hold on a particular station or let scanning continue.

Variable Attenuator "ATT" Control for Scan Tuning
allows the user to vary the amount of signal attenuation so that the "Scan" feature will only pause at stations with sufficient signal strength to allow enjoyable listening.

Dual Standby Memory
lets you set the built-in alarm to sound at two different times or wake you to two different radio stations.

Backlit LCD Display
provides digital frequency read-out of the selected station, and is backlit for easy visibility even in a darkened room.

Step Tuning (1 kHz and 5 kHz)
allows fast, precise station reception by tuning at 1kHz or 5kHz intervals.

Headphone Jack
for private listening enjoyment and improved sound clarity in noisy environments.

DC-In Jack
lets you use an optional AC Adaptor to operate the radio.

Powered By Three "AA" Batteries

include built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM, wire antenna for FM.