Sony SRF-H4 AM/FM Walkman Headphone Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony SRF-H4 AM/FM Walkman Headphone Radio

The SRF-H4 is a great choice for walkers, joggers and outdoor enthusiasts. This headphone radio weighs just 4.3 ounces (including battery), and the double adjustable headband makes it stable and comfortable. The SRF-H4 features an AM/FM analog tuner, Mega Bass® sound system, flexible helical antenna and a light reflector for added safety at night. Experience up to 47 hours of operation from just 1 (one) "AAA" battery.

Compact Lightweight Stylish Design
with rounded edges affords a stylish, modern appearance.

FM/AM Analog Tuner
for the widest variety of the best sounding programming from music to talk radio.

Mega Bass® Sound System
produces deep, rich bass tones for more pleasing overall sound.

Double Adjustable Headband for Added Stability and Comfort
design helps prevent unit movement and provides a comfortable and stable fit while walking or jogging.

Flexible Helical Antenna with Light Reflector
affords excellent reception and added safety when jogging at night.

1 "AAA" Battery Operation
provides hours of listening and helps to make the Walkman® radio compact and inexpensive to use.

FM Sensitivity Local/Distance (DX) Switch
for optimum reception of radio stations near and far.