Sony SRF-M37V AM/FM/TV/Weather Walkman Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony SRF-M37V AM/FM/TV/Weather Walkman Radio

The SRF-M37V Walkman® radio is perfect for an intense workout. This handheld device features 25 memory preset tuning, 5 direct key preset memory, an LCD digital display with a clock, and a local/distant (DX) switch that provides optimal reception of both close and distant radio stations. Complete with an AM/FM tuner, TV tuner and weather band tuning, you'll be able to dial in your favorite programming for you next workout.

TV Tuner and Weather Band Tuning Function
lets you listen to audio from TV channels 2-13 and up-to-the-minute weather from your local weather band broadcasts.

Direct Weather Button
lets you access weather forecast at the touch of a button.

25 Station Preset Memory (5TV/5Weather/10FM/5AM)
uses electronic settings for easy one-button tuning for your choice of audio from 5 TV channels, 5 weather band, 10 FM and 5 AM stations.

1 "AAA" Battery Operation
provides hours of listening and helps to make the Walkman® radio compact and inexpensive to use.

5 Direct Key Preset Memory
allows you to electronically tune into any 5 stations you set, even if in different frequency bands with the press of a single, easy-to-reach button.

Digital Clock and Battery Indicator
lets you keep track of the correct time and provides a visible indication of when battery power becomes low.

Stereo Headphone and Belt Clip Provided
lets you listen in private and the belt clip ensures quick attachment to a belt.

FM Local/Distance (DX) Switch
provides optimal reception of both close and distant radio stations.