Sony ZS-X10 S2 Sports CD Boombox

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ZS-X10 S2 Sports CD Boombox

Made for the active lifestyle, the ZS-X10 S2 Sports® CD boombox is built for the outdoors. The S2 Sports design is easy to carry, ergonomic and water resistant3. With ESP2™ shock protection, you'll get smoother sounding music with less skipping during playback. Enjoy listening to CDs or radio with deep bass tones from the Mega Bass® sound system.

Ergonomic S2 Sports® Design
includes innovative features such as easy-to-carry handle spanning the stereo speakers, and has function controls clustered for ready access while listening.

CD Player
Play your favorite CD, CD-R or CD/RW discs on this compact disc player.

CD-R/RW Playback Capability
plays all CD-R/RW discs burned either in a PC or a home recording deck. Create custom mixes from your existing music collection and always have the right music at hand.

Dual Passive Radiator Bass Enhancement System
provides dynamic bass sound without adding additional size to the unit.

Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner
provides the most accurate, drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs, with the added enjoyment of stereo sound.

ESP2™ Shock Protection
uses advanced technology to provide skip-free playback in more active uses.

Water Resistant
with high-impact plastic housing is designed for outdoor fun, with rubber gaskets, bushings and waterproof seals that help keep out water, moisture and dirt.

Mega Bass® (On/Off) Sound System
produces rich, deep, bass tones for more powerful overall sound.

30 Station Memory Presets
uses electronic settings for easy one-button tuning of your choice of 10AM and 20 FM radio stations.

CD Play Modes (Program/Shuffle/Repeat)
lets you hear tracks in multiple modes; in sequence as recorded in program (RMS) order, all tracks in random (shuffle) order or a single track over and over.

4 Line Dot Matrix Display
provides ID3 tag information for fast and easy identification and location of your ATRAC or MP3 selections and makes it easy to search all music files even in another folder layer.