Uniden GMR2099-2CK 2-Way Radio

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Uniden GMR2099-2CK 2-Way Radio

20 Mile FRS/GMRS Camo 2-Way Radio Pack

Features & Info

Voice Scramble Security - Scrambles your transmissions for more secure and private conversations.

Direct Call - Lets you quickly call one of the people in your group without calling everyone.

Auto Channel Change - Changes everyone in your group to a new channel to avoid interference.

22 Channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS)

Range Transmits up to 20 Miles

PowerBoost Key

142 Privacy Codes

Backlit LCD Display

Battery Strength Meter

Hands-Free Operation (VOX) - HS910, HS915, or ZA133 (optional)

NOAA Weather Channels

Keypad Lock

Channel Scan

Channel Monitor

Roger Beep

Belt Clip Included

Recharge Capable

Charging Cradle with 2 NiMH Batteries

Headset Jack

Silent Mode

Vibrate Reminder