Archos 5G Internet Media Tablet

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Archos 5G Internet Media Tablet

There is just one Internet. It's the one you are using everyday on your computer. And there is one very simple way to have it on a mobile device, that only need two words : 800 pixels. 800 pixels is the size that most web sites use as a width. So you won't have to drag your page to the left and to the right, you see it all, you read it all. Sure, you will need to scroll up and down. Just like on your computer.

The ARCHOS Internet Media Tablets do just that. They let you surf like no other mobile device.

The ARCHOS 5g does even better. Not only do you have an uncompromised web experience, but you can have it all-day, everyday. Surfing the web is now completely seamless.

You can watch online video or download movies or music albums from the Media Club even when you're in the train. With its high storage capacity, you surely can download a lot ! And since the 3.5G network provides the same navigation comfort as your home broadband connection, you will hardly notice any difference.

All of this without compromising the essential features of the ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet.

You can store and play all your digital library in high definition quality. And since it is an ARCHOS 5, you can connect it to a DVR Station, and record TV. Just like that.