Archos 605 WiFi GPS Media Player

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Archos 605 WiFi GPS Media Player

No more compromise! Turn your ARCHOS 605 WiFi into a GPS!
With your ARCHOS 605 WiFi, you now have one single device as your road companion.

Jam to the sound of music not the sound of traffic
The intuitive interface allows you to easily pick any address, remarkable location, Point of Interest (POI). Your Archos GPS will then find the best way to take you there.

One product, so many ways...
Find the fastest and safest way to your destination. With the built-in Traffic Info you can find a clear road and avoid all roadblocks. You'll be guided through your trip by on-device signposts and lane indicators, even under tunnels! Once your journey is underway, use your ARCHOS 605 to play music on your sound system, or play videos for your passengers.

A wide and bright screen for a better view of your trip
The ARCHOS 605's wide, high-resolution touch screen lets you see so much more than the typical devices on the market. Visual quality is excellent and maps are much clearer. This is the essential for easy navigation.

Quick and simple address identification
Entering an address is easier than ever. Suggestions come as you type, whether it's a city, a street, or country.
You can also save favorites, and by a simple tap, select it as a destination. The TeleAtlas® maps used in the Archos GPS represent the stardard for high-quality mapping information. For Europe, 22 countries are available and for North America, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are included. So, wherever you want to go, your Archos can get you there!

On-screen guidance helps you along the way
Getting to your destination becomes easier thanks to the advanced signpost warnings and the lane assistance option, the latter indicating ahead of time, which lane or lanes to be in. When travelling through tunnels (no GPS reception) your ARCHOS GPS will simulate your progress along your route. Thousands of Points of interest are included and range from gas stations, to post offices, to cinemas and campsites. If you are looking for something, the Archos GPS can guide you quickly to the closest one. Know the name of the restaurant? The Archos can get you there. Speed limits are displayed on the map on your GPS with advanced warnings to ensure your safety. You can also set an audible warning that will trigger any time you go a given amount of speed over the indicated road speed.

TV & Video
So as soon as you are done with the need for navigation help, you can pass your ARCHOS 605 to your passengers and let them watch recorded TV shows, movies or cartoons. Pick up the optional DVR Station and use the electronic programme guide record all your favorite TV shows. With all that your Archos can store, you'll have plenty of digital content to enjoy wherever and whenever you want.

Photos & Music
Your photo albums come to life on the high resolution screen of your ARCHOS 605. With up to 160GB of storage space available, you can store thousands of photos and songs, ensuring your favorite photos and music are with you at all times.

Internet, Wifi & Games
Your Archos device is Internet ready! With the optional web browser plug-in, you can surf the web and enjoy videos from online videos sites like DailyMotion® and YouTube® or play any Flash 9 video content. Using your WiFi connection, you can browse and play the content from shared computers on a local network. Streaming has never been so easy! And if you have a competitive nature, try out some of the optional downloadable games available for your Archos.

Archos Media Club & Archos Content Portal (ACP)
From the online media store, you can rent or buy movies from a catalogue that includes the latest blockbuster titles. Want even more choices? Browse our partners' offers. With the increasing number of video content partners joining the Archos Content Portal, you'll always be able to find video content suited to your tastes. And all of them downloadable directly to your WiFi connected Archos portable media player, without a computer.