Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

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Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

The BR-532 Digital Studio gives guitarists and songwriters the freedom to record their music anytime, anyplace. Using SmartMedia, the portable BR-532 can record up to four primary tracks-each with eight Virtual Tracks-which can be mixed down using onboard effects and transferred digitally to a computer or CD burner.

* Compact and affordable 4-track digital recorder using SmartMedia storage
* Intuitive, BOSS-style operation for easy recording and mixing
* 4-track simultaneous playback; 32 Virtual Tracks (V-Tracks) for recording
* 32MB SmartMedia card included; expandable using up to 128MB cards
* Sophisticated digital editing including Copy, Move, Paste and Undo
* Insert and Loop effects processors with COSM¬ Guitar Amp Modeling, Bass Simulator and more
* Onboard Rhythm Guide with realistic stereo drum sounds
* Phrase Trainer and Center Cancel functions
* Choice of Guitar/Bass Hi-Z input, XLR and 1/4" Microphone inputs, or stereo RCA Line input
* Optical Digital output for mastering to computer or stand-alone CD burner
* Built-in microphone and battery power for recording on-the-go
* FREE .WAV Converter software for transferring BR-532 tracks and loops to PC and/or burning CDs

Four-Track Recording on an Ultra-Thin Card
Using commercially available SmartMedia—the same cards used for digital cameras—the new BR-532 can record and play back up to four tracks of pristine digital audio. And with 32 V-Tracks (eight per primary track), you can try alternate takes and solos, or even bounce four tracks to a stereo pair. A 32MB SmartMedia card is included in the box to get you started.

BOSS Makes It Easy
Just like BOSS pedals, the BR-532 is easy to use. So easy, you'll probably be making your first recording before even opening the manual. That's because the BR-532 is designed to operate like familiar tape-based 4-tracks. Just select an input, arm a track and hit RECORD; no complicating signal routing or bussing to worry about.

Studio-Quality Effects—with COSM
The BR-532 is more than just a four-track; it's a complete studio in a portable box. Two independent effects processors (Insert and Loop) allow you to produce professional-sounding tracks complete with COSM Guitar Amp Modeling and a Bass Simulator. Of course there's plenty of reverb, delay, chorus and EQ—plus many more effects—which can be “printed” while recording or applied during mixdown.

Meet Your New Drummer
With the BR-532's onboard Rhythm Guide, you can play along and record with realistic drum grooves and sounds in a variety of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz and more. Use them as a starting point while arranging your song, or combine patterns to create a full rhythm track without a drum machine in sight. And the best part is that no audio tracks are needed!

A Guitar-Friendly Recorder
While anyone can benefit from the BR-532's compact size and easy digital recording, we couldn't help but throw in a few things for guitar players (it is from BOSS, you know). That's why you'll find a dedicated Hi-Z Guitar/Bass input, along with a handy Phrase Trainer for slowing down guitar licks, plus a Center Cancel function for removing lead vocals. And don't forget about all those killer COSM Amp Models, plus Bass and Acoustic Guitar Simulators.