Canon FS-CF Portable Compact Flash DTE Recorder

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Canon FS-CF Portable Compact Flash DTE Recorder

The Focus Enhancements FS-CF Compact Flash DTE recorder is the perfect companion to compatible Canon HDV and miniDV camcorders, allowing you to upgrade to a seamless shoot-to-edit file-based workflow. Whether you're looking to save time loading into NLE systems or to backup tape in a dual-recording scenario, the FS-CF DTE recorder fits the bill.

Recording to cost effective and readily available Compact Flash (CF) cards, the FS-CF DTE recorder is easy-to-use and allows you to take full advantage of all the benefits of solid state media.

The FS-CF recorder offers advanced logging, viewing and edit management capabilities, including custom, NLE compatible (Final Cut Pro and Avid) clip and time code based metadata.

You can record over 2.2 hours of 1080i HDV on a single 32GB CF card, and large file sizes are supported with UDF disk format on CF cards. The FS-CF connects to your Canon DV or HDV camcorder via a 6-pin IEEE1394 interface and to Mac or Windows based NLE systems through a fast USB 2.0 terminal.

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