Edirol DA-2496 Multi-Track Digital Audio Recording Interface

Roland Updated: 2009-02-15 RSS
Edirol DA-2496 Multi-Track Digital Audio Recording Interface

Edirol has released its very own studio-quality card, the Edirol DA 2496. The DA 2496 is a rackmount system with a whole host of connections to help your computer become the center of your recording studio. Whether you are running to your computer from an outboard mixer or directly plugging your instruments into the computer, the DA-2496 is the best way to get from the instrument to the computer. Furthermore, the inputs on the front of the unit can supercede the inputs on the back. So if you have your DA 2496 set up in your rack but want to plug a bass directly into one of the Hi-Z inputs on the card (no need for a direct box), you don't need to unplug the back of the unit. The DA 2496 is comprised of a high-quality breakout box and Edirol's DA-PCI card to connect the breakout box to the computer. The DA 2496 also includes controller software to route all of your signals. Never has it been easier or more cost-effective to build your own studio.


* 24-bit/96 kHz AD/DA converter
* 8 input - 8 output
* 1U-rack mount type break-out box and PCI interface card
* 48v phantom power for condenser microphones
* Direct input for guitar (Hi-Z)
* MIDI in/out
* ASIO2.0 (Win/Mac), MME (WIN), WDM (WinXP/2000), Sound Manager (MacOS), CoreAudio (Mac OS X)