Fujitsu IP-9500 HD Video Encoder/Decoder

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Fujitsu IP-9500 HD Video Encoder/Decoder

The Fujitsu IP-9500 offers real-time H.264 High Profile at Level 4 encoding with data rates from 4 to 27 Mbps for High Definition Television Contribution and Distribution. With its Best-in-Class picture quality, the IP-9500 also supports an industry leading 300ms total encode/decode latency for exceptional HD Satellite News Gathering and Sports broadcasting.

High-definition television (HDTV) transmission utilizes advanced MPEG-4 AVC technology

* Best-of-class broadcast-quality H.264 HP@L4 video encoder/decoder
* Selectable bit rates from 4Mb/s to 27Mb/s
* Standard and low latency modes
* Real-time HDTV transmission over DVB and broadband IP networks
* High QoS over broadband IP with robust FEC

The Fujitsu IP-9500 is an audio/video codec that utilizes advanced MPEG-4 AVC encoding to perform real-time transmission of HDTV at low bit rates over DVB and broadband IP networks. Powerful error correction functions ensure high quality of service over IP networks by preventing the distortion of decoded images, even when network packet losses occur. With its compact size and rugged construction, the IP-9500 reduces the cost of transmission from remote locations that demand HDTV image quality.

Applying the latest H.264 High Profile at Level 4 image processing algorithms, the IP-9500 provides best-of-class video quality for use in Electronic News Gathering (ENG) as well as broadcast contribution and distribution networks. By utilizing sophisticated H.264 compression algorithms, the streaming bit rate is reduced by more than half compared to MPEG-2 encoding, while still achieving the same video quality. As a result, HDTV content can now be transmitted at lower bandwidths over existing DVB satellite or low-cost broadband IP networks.

The IP-9500 utilizes auto-sensing 10T/100T/1G Ethernet for IP connectivity as well as ASI I/O ports for connecting to DVB networks. The unit also provides industry standard HD-SDI and HDMI I/Os for connecting to HDTV camcorders and displays. Encoder latency is selectable between standard and low-latency modes allowing the IP-9500 to be used in delay-sensitive ENG applications. A bi-directional voice intercom capability is provided across broadband networks for interactive communications between remote and studio locations.

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