Griffin radio SHARK 2 AM/FM Radio Recorder

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Griffin radio SHARK 2 AM/FM Radio Recorder

To put it simply, radio SHARK 2 adds AM/FM radio to your Mac and PC. But that's only the beginning.

radio SHARK 2 can record AM and FM radio broadcasts in real time.
Record while you listen, or set up recordings to occur later or according to a repeating schedule. You never have to miss a favorite show again. Recordings are saved to your hard disk, and can be added (automatically!) to your iTunes library for listening on your iPod.

radio SHARK 2 can "pause" live radio.
Really. Griffin's radio SHARK software keeps track as you listen. Need to jump up and answer the door? ...take a quick refreshment break? Go ahead; the show will go on... when you tell it to. You can pause the broadcast and come right back to where you left off, moments or even hours later.

radio SHARK 2 gives you computerized control over your radio listening.
You love your radio. Now you can love your radio with digital control. Plug the radioSHARK2's "fin" into your computer's USB port, load the software, and start tuning in. Whip those airwaves into shape, make them perform at your beck and call. And when they ask you how you did it, you can just smile and say, enigmatically, "It was easy."

Along with radioSHARK's distinctive fin, you get the optional antenna extension (in case you live or work or play in the shadow of poor reception) and the full-featured and easy-to-use radio SHARK 2 software.

Internet Radio recording on the Mac? Check out BitCartel's RadioLover or Rogue Amoeba's Radioshift. Both are great shareware apps from independent developers.

What you won't get is another wall-wart to tangle up that ever-narrowing path between you and the rest of the room. radio SHARK 2 gets its power from your computer's USB port. It gets its music from the airwaves. And it gets its orders from nobody but you.

Take back your radio. With radio SHARK 2.

Technical Specifications

* FM Section
* Tuning Range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
* Frequency Steps: 100kHz
* Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz
* AM Section
* Tuning Range: 530 to 1710 kHz
* Frequency Steps: 10kHz or 9kHz
* Antenna: Built-in