Lite-On DD-A110G DVD Recorder

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Lite-On DD-A110G DVD Recorder

Records TV, VCR to DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW
With DD-A110G's built-in TV tuner and versatile connection ports, you can easily record TV or other sources to DVD+R / DVD+RW and DVD-R / DVD-RW discs that lasts to build your own video library.

DD-A110Gserves as the most ideal Home Theater component for its sleekness, stylishness and, most of all, its capability to play back WMA, MP3 audios and audio CDs, providing the ultimate solution for audioenthusiasts.

Connect a DV Camcorder to the "DV Link" to easily archive camcorder footages digitally in DVD quality to a DVD recordable disc that lasts. Moreover, the on-screen DV Control panel allows basic commands over the DV camcorder using DD-A110G's remote control.

The advanced user-friendly interface, Easy Guider menu, makes using DD-A110G a snap. At the press of a few buttons, you are guided through all the major features available. It's never been so easy and fun!

Recording Features
Digital media formats supported: DVD+R / DVD+RW, DVD-R / DVD-RW, DVD-RW
Recording quality and time: HQ: 1hr / SP: 2hrs / LP:3hrs / EP: 4hrs / SLP:6hrs
"Just Fit" disc recording: Yes
DVD disc recording format: DVD+VR
Dolby Digital Recording: Yes
VCR Plus+: Yes
Easy timer programming system: Yes (16 sets of programming)
One-touch recording: Yes
DV Control: Yes

Playback Features
Digital media formats supported: DVD-Video, DVD+R / DVD+RW, DVD-R / DVD-RW, CD-R / CD-RW, SVCD, VCD, Audio CD
VOB / MPG / DAT: Yes
MP3, WMA, WAV: Yes
MPEG-4 playback: Yes (avi file)
Progressive scan: Yes (480p)

Editing Features
Title name editing: Yes
Title editing: Erase / Protect / Overwrite
Chapter mark insertion: Auto and manual

General Features
Graphical Easy Guider™ menu: Yes
Channel editing: Yes
Slide show: Yes