Lite-On LVC-9016G DVD Recorder

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Lite-On LVC-9016G DVD Recorder

One-touch copy, you can backup VHS to DVD disc or DVD to VHS.

VCR Plus+ is an instant recording system that gives users a simple way to record television programs in DVD records. With VCR Plus+, users can instantly record or schedule recording of television shows simply by entering a special PlusCode number into their VCR Plus+ equipment.

Press the "Guider" button on the remote control and move the cursor to the desired operation - Playback discs, Record content, finalize the DVD+R or DVD-R disc for playback in other DVD player, Erase the contents of the current disc. Nothing else comes close.

DV Link (IEEE 1394) Preserves the content in its original digital quality Vibrant video colors and pulsating audio sounds are carried through the DV Link connection.

You can watch your home video tape and copy to DVD disc.

General Features:
* Silver color
* VHS recording capability
* Region 1
* 2 way copy: Copy DVD to VHS or VHS to DVD
* TV Tuner
* VCR Plus+ Programming Guide
* Easy Guide On Screen Menu
* Record up to 6+ hours on DVD

DVD Features:
* NTSC TV format
* MPEG-2: DVD+VR (HQ/SP/LP/EP mode), SVCD video recording format
* MPEG-1: DVD+R (SLP mode), VCD video recording format
* Dolby Digital 2 channel analog output
* Coaxial digital output
* MPEG1 Layer 2/PCM audio recording format
* JPEG file playback

DVD Audio Performance:
* 24-bit/96 kHz DA converter
* 24-bit/96 kHz AD converter
* Greater than or equal 90 dB signal to noise ratio
* Greater than or equal 80 dB dynamic range
* Greater than or equal 110 dB channel separation
* Greater than or equal -64 dB total harmonic distortion

VHS Features:
* Four head Hi-Fi VCR
* Hi-Fi VHS playback and record
* Video cassette system standard w/FM radio video recording format
* 10-bit/54 MHz DA converter

Supported Media: DVD Video, DVD±R, DVD±RW, Video CD (VCD), Super Video CD (SVCD), VHS