Mitsubishi DX-TL5000U Digital Video Recorder

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi DX-TL5000U Digital Video Recorder

The DX-TL5000U from Mitsubishi is the latest breakthrough innovation in digital video recording technology that provides the utmost in performance for enterprise level security recording applications. Displaying a blazing 960 pictures per second live and up to 240 pictures per second record, access to stunning live and recorded images is possible. The unit comes standard with built-in 500GB HDD.  With its built in integrated CD/DVD writer and USB ports, archiving is simplified. Built on stable, secure Linux ® operating system, the DX-TL5000U is easy to set up and use via USB mouse and an uncomplicated GUI interface. It’s highly scalable, too. With cascade connection, up to 15 additional DVRs can be connected to the main unit for access and control up to 256 cameras. Through built-in network, thousands of cameras can be viewed through remote software. Memory can be expanded to terabytes of storage. Options include a security keyboard controller, XGA video output and external HDD extension units. Geared for high end security  recording applications that require strong features and performance, the DX-TL5000U is the answer for the biggest security challenges.  The unit is offered with an industry leading 5-year warranty for DVRs.

Video Recording System: 2 large capacity HDD is built-in, Additional 1 HDD can be added internally to increase on-board storage.
Setup Menus: GUI menu
Compression Method: JPEG2000
System Recording Speed: 240 pictures per second record speed
Internal Storage Device: Built-in 500GB to 2TB HDD
Miscellaneous Inputs: 16-channel ALARM IN;1-channel REC IN;1-channel REC STOP IN;1-channel EMERGENCY;1-channel CLOCK ADJ
Channels: 16-Channels
Color Signal: NTSC system
Operating Temperature: Temperature: 5°C-40°C; Humidity: 30%-80%; Altitude: Max 2000m
Input Voltage: AC100-240V 56/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1.0-0.45A (100-240V)
Dimensions: 16.8 x 15.4 x 6.9" (425 x 390 x 175 mm)
Weight: 30.8 lbs. (14.0 kg) (capacity:500GB)

* Viewing rate up to 960 PPS
* Recording rate up to 240 PPS
* Built-in 500GB to 2TB HDD storage
* JPEG 2000 video compression
* Graphical User Interface (GUI) menu for simple programming utilizing a standard USB mouse
* Multiple HDD options
* Triplex recorder
* Dual multiplexer outputs
* Abundant copy features
* Advanced motion detection
* Individual field/frame record settings
* Cascading connection
* Multi channel audio recording
* Network capability for remote view and archive