Mitsubishi HS-S9600U Analog Recorder

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi HS-S9600U Analog Recorder

24 hour real time / 960 hour time lapse S-VHS/S-ET recorder

Greater functionality for more applications

* New menu structure
* Timer-record holiday setting
* Jog shuttle
* Multiple-language menus (English, Spanish, French)
* Choice of search functions
* Alarm record list
* Remaining-tape display
* Two-way locking
* Series recording
* Auto-repeat recording

Tape Format: VHS, 1/2
Video Heads: 6 rotary heads
Television System: EIA standard 525 lines, 60 field NTSC-type color system
FF/RW Time: Approx. 120 sec. with T-120 cassette
Audio Control: 1 stationary head
Battery Backup: 31 day duration
Horizontal Resolution: S-VHS/S-ET provides superior picture quality with more than 400 lines of resolution
Operating Temperature: 418F-1048F (58C to 408C)
Battery Backup: 31 day duration
Input Voltage: AC100-230V610%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: Approx. 20 watts
Dimensions: (Jog dial included) 16.7
Weight: 9.7 lbs. (4.4 kg)
Humidity: Max. 80%
ALM Input: Screw terminal for starting alarm recording
RST Input: Screw terminal for finishing alarm recording or for adjusting on-screen clock
REC Input: Screw terminal for starting / finishing recording, or for series recording
GND: Screw terminal for ground
ALM Output: Screw terminal for output while alarm recording is in progress
CLK Output: Screw terminal to command camera switching
MODE Output: Screw terminal for indication of VCR selected mode
CALL Output: Screw terminal for external warning device or for series recording
Remote Jack: Jack for connecting the remote control unit