Motorola DRC800 Remote Control

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Motorola DRC800 Remote Control

Motorola DVR Enabled Universal Remote Control

New "hand-friendly" design - Controls more devices

The Motorola DRC800 is a full-featured, universal remote control designed for the Motorola DCT family of interactive digital set-tops. Able to control up to four consumer electronic devices, the DRC800 supports advanced features such as Digital Video Recording (DVR), High Definition (HD), and Picture-in-Picture (PiP). This remote control supports various Electronic Program Guides (EPG), as well as popular features like on-screen menus, favorite channels, last channel recall, program information, help, and time-controlled programming. A newly expanded pre-programmed code library provides the remote control of even more peripheral components including most TVs, VCRs, DVD/CD players, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), audio receivers, amplifiers, audio tuners, home theaters, TV/DVD combos, and TV/VCR combos.

Convenience Features

* "Replay" and "back to live TV" buttons for easy DVR control
* Step and Set feature allows consumers to set up electronic devices without a 4-digit code. The DRC800 scans until it finds the appropriate code. This feature is very useful for consumers that lose their user guide and can decrease customer calls to the operator.
* Mode Light allows the consumer to know which device they are using when pressing a button.
* Volume Lock allows the consumer to lock the volume to a specific device (TV, audio component or set-top box). Great feature for home theaters.
* Memory Retention ensures that codes are held in memory while changing batteries.
* Blink Out feature allows customers to identify the code of a specific device that is programmed into the DRC800. Helpful in conjunction with Step and Set feature.
* LAST button returns user to the last channel they were watching easily and conveniently and acts as a navigational aid in EPG applications.
* FAV button allows users to quickly surf from favorite channel to favorite channel once their favorite channel list has been programmed through the EPG.
* HELP button allows users to learn about a specific feature on their own, potentially reducing the number of customer calls to the operator.
* INFO button provides information about the currently selected program - either live or through the EPG.
* Includes and easy-to-follow User Guide and two AAA heavy duty batteries.
* Features a one-year limited warranty.