Motorola NiceCall Focus III Recorder

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Motorola NiceCall Focus III Recorder

With its state-of-the-art architecture and single box construction, NiceCall®  Focus III is an affordable, easy-to-use and easily maintained recording solution for smaller sites.

Integrated with the Scenario Replay application, advanced scenario reconstruction provides synchronized playback of multiple channels — providing new possibilities for fully understanding the chain of events and rapidly creating evidence recordings.

Space-saving single box solution
Low total cost of ownership with low maintenance requirements.

Enhanced security
Powered by Microsoft Windows XP SP2, personal firewall enabled and fully integrated with NICE privileges mechanism –increases overall system security.

Flexible, user-friendly interface
Applications have a simple and straightforward user interface — so users can get working faster and do more, more easily.

Fast and easy access to retrieval of calls and transmissions
Up to 50,000 hours of on-line recording.

Multiple channel logger
Up to 48 channels per unit.

Advanced scenario reconstruction
Integrated with Scenario Replay application — allowing synchronized playback of multiple channels providing new possibilities for reviewing and learning from scenarios.

Extended resiliency
Hot swappable disk with RAID 1, hot swappable redundant power supply and dual archiving devices.

Channel capacity: Up to 48 channels
Integrated ANI/ALI support: Yes
Playback: Scenario Replay
Radio recording: Conventional analog
Telephony recording: Analog, Digital

Hot swap RAID 1 (internal): 50,000 hrs at 8 kb/s
Hot swap power supply: Optional
Parallel archiving mode: Yes

Archive options: DVD, AIT-1
Compression: 8 kb/s (G.729A), 16 kb/s (ADPCM)
Off-line storage: Up to 18,000 hrs, 2 x AIT-1, 36 GB each at 8 kb/s
On-line storage: 50,000 hrs, 250 GB at 8 kb/s