Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Mobile P2 HD Recorder/Player

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Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Mobile P2 HD Recorder/Player

Like its successor, the AJ-HPM100, the portable AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile solid-state recorder/player is ideal for use in the field, in mobile vehicles or in the studio. It offers master quality recording and playback in a wide range of high definition formats, including 1080p (native), 1080i and 720p, and in standard definition.

The ultra-reliable AJ-HPM110 records in independent-frame DVCPRO HD/50/25 and DV formats as well as master-quality, full-raster 1920 x 1080 AVC-Intra (with optional board), and is designed to work with virtually any professional camera system, from tape-based digital cameras to high-end cinema cameras with 1080/24PsF output (in full-raster 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720). Equipped with the comprehensive features found in its predecessor, the AJ-HPM100, the AJ-HPM110 adds native 1080/24p recording, 1080/24PsF input/output, multiple frame rate recording, 24p pull-down removal as well as real-time playback of 720p variable frame rates for work with speed effects like over- and under-cranking.

The P2 Mobile's wide array of AV/IT connections ensures flexible operation in a variety of production environments including high-end, 1080/24p movies and commercials.

• Multi-format HD and SD recording with added flexibility of up/down/cross and aspect conversion
• Long record times -- With its six P2 card slots equipped with 32GB P2 cards, it can record up to 4 hours in 1080p/24 (AVC-Intra 100) and 8 hours in 720p/24 (AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD)
• Powerful, new workflow-enhancing functions also include RS-422A remote (which allows the unit to be used as a play source), an edit/copy function for writing data to multiple cards, and continuous loop recording
• Extensive AV/IT connections, including HD-SDI, IEEE 1394 and USB host mode, ensure a fast IT-based workflow
• Built-in 9-inch LCD monitor with clip thumbnail preview for on-the-spot access to content for previewing, shotmarking and insert editing
• Outstanding benefits of P2 solid-state recording including ultra-fast IT workflow and no-moving-parts reliability, ideal for use in harsh environments
• Eight 16-bit digital audio channels with 5.1-channel surround sound with audio split/dubbing
• Lightweight, compact design. Folds flat for easy transport and storage (weight: 14.4 pounds). AC/DC operation.
• Extraordinary 5-year limited warranty (1-year regular, plus 4 years extended upon product registration within 30 days)