Panasonic RQ-L11 Portable Cassette Player

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Panasonic RQ-L11 Portable Cassette Player

Record for Hours with just 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
Achieve up to 25 Hours of recording with just two AA Alkaline Batteries.

Built-in Front Speaker for Easy Listening
The RQ-L11 comes with a front speaker so you can listen to your recordings without headphones.

Full Auto-stop: Yes
Microphone Type: Built-in Condenser
Pause: Yes
Cue & Review: Yes
Voice Activated System (VAS): No
3-LED Remaining Power Indicator: Yes
3 Digit Tape Counter: No
Built-in Front Speaker: Yes
Jacks: External MIC & DC-in
Playback Time: Up to 25 Hours
3x Recording Time: No
Dimensions (H x W x D): 433/64'' x 317/32'' x 115/32''
Weight: 0.34 lbs