Panasonic RR-US430 IC Recorder

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Panasonic RR-US430 IC Recorder

Never Take Notes Again
Panasonic IC digital recorders are made specifically to record and edit your important meetings, interviews, lectures and ideas. Never forget important details or misplace handwritten notes again.

No More Sacrificing Sound Quality for Recording Time
Record up to 33 hours and 20 minutes in SP Mode since there's no longer a requirement to use LP (Long Play) Mode to achieve these long recording times. In the past, LP Mode was necessary to maximize recording time, but this often meant sacrificing sound quality.

Store Voice Files on Your PC
With a convenient USB Terminal, you can connect to your PC to save files. Also, included PC software allows you to manage files more effectively.


* USB Terminal for PC Link
* USB Cable and Voice Editing Software Included
* Security Folder to Protect Recorded Files with Own Password
* Easy-to-Use Quick Search Dial
* Can Record up to 33 Hours and 20 Minutes (SP Mode)
* Recording of Maximum 99 Files Each in 5 Folders (Total 495 Files)
* High-Sensitivity Electric Condenser Microphone
* Long Battery Life: 30 Hours Recording/15 Hours Playback