Panasonic WJ-HD316A/3000V Digital Video Recorder

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Panasonic WJ-HD316A/3000V Digital Video Recorder

DVR, 16-channel with 3000GB storage capacity (with 500GB base HDDs)

The WJ-HD300A DVR Series has more features and higher hard drive capacities. The Series is available in 9 and 16 channel configurations and both have a 250 GB base hard drive unit. With optional expansion units, overall storage capacity is up to 15.0 Terabytes (16 channel unit only).

The "A" Series allows camera setup over the network and offers 120 images per second in SIF mode. Up to four system controllers can be used in cascade mode. Each controller can control and view individual camera groups (1-16, 17-32, 33-48, 49-64). The new copy feature eliminates a programming step by automatically assigning the start time of the copy function as either the record stop time or record list selection point. Individual cameras can be programmed for the greatest number of images per second without any restrictions by the number of image programmed by other modes.

* Increased FTP transfer speed
* VMD sensitivity test mode allows operators to set and test the VMD mode to their exact installation requirements
* Images copied to CD-R's and DVDs can be directly played back through the main DVR
* Alterations in copied data can be detected by software
* Audio playback for downloaded image


Type: Digital Video Recorder
Storage Capacity: 3.0TB
Compression: Proprietary Super Compression
Alarm Function: Yes
Motion Detection: Yes
Network Compatible: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.4375'' x 16.5625'' x 13.75''
Weight: 21 lbs

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