Panasonic WJ-RT416/2000V Digital Video Recorder

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Panasonic WJ-RT416/2000V Digital Video Recorder

WJ-RT416 DVR with 2000GB HDD Storage (500GB base HDD)

Panasonic introduces the WJ-RT416 high resolution real-time digital video recorder. With a total recording rate of 480 ips, the WJ-RT416 offers real-time recording capability in MPEG-4 format. All 16 channels can record 30 ips at a high quality 704 x 240 image with superior clarity and detail.

* 480 ips Field Size Recording (704 x 240 pixels)
* Video Recording of 30 ips per camera
* MPEG-4 Format
* Full Network Capability


Type: Digital Video Recorder
Recording Modes: Yes
Storage Capacity: 2.0TB
Compression: MPEG-4
Field Resolution: 704 x 240 pixels
Alarm Function: Yes
Network Compatible: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.5'' x 18.5'' x 18.0625''

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